Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Quest for Vinyl: The Quest Continues

I have been searching around the internet lately to try and find more Descendents albums on vinyl. Mostly, I have been looking for a copy of Everything Sucks because apparently it is out of print so I figured it would be the hardest one to fine. Have not had a whole lot of luck yet, found a copy here or there but have not found anything that doesn't make me wince at the price.

In any case, I was at Guestroom Records the other day with Mandy. Mostly because I have also been trying to find a vinyl copy of Social Distortion's Mommys Little Monster for her as well.

Guestroom turned out to be a pretty good trip for us that day (of course it also turned out to be a financially draining trip for us as well!).

For her, I found a vinyl of copy of not only Mommys Little Monster but also a vinyl copy of their self-titled album which she also did not find. But on top of that, I also found another Social Distortion record that had a bunch of demos of other unreleased stuff that neither of us had heard of.

Also found a copy of AC/DC's Back in Black on vinyl which I had also been looking for.

But in the case of Descendents, I found 2 albums that I did not have.

The first was their 1986 album Enjoy!

This album was originally released on New Alliance (as was most of their early stuff).

My favorite songs on this album are "Sour Grapes" "Get the Time" and "Cheer."

The other album that I picked up was an unofficial released titled Milo Gets Bootlegged. The 1st side contained a bunch of demos from their early days and the 2nd side contained a bunch of B-sides. I haven't listened to it yet and probably won't since it is still sealed.

Oh yeah, by the way, also while I was there I had them order me a vinyl copy of the 1987 album ALL. Should be getting that in a week or so. Awesome!

In any case, as I said, it was a pretty good haul.

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