Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Top 3 Comics Continued: Top Indy Comics

This is a list of my Top 3 favorite comic books that are published by independent companies.

Knights of the Dinner Table

This comic was created by Jolly Blackburn and started off in Shadis magazine in 1990 as a comic strip. It moved to Dragon magazine in 1996. That same year, it became its own monthly magazine.

This comic is incredibly funny. It is a book about some gamer geeks and the adventures they get involved in...mostly around the dinner table while playing their role-playing games. Not a whole lot of action in this book of course but it's the comedy of the magazine that I love (and perhaps because the characters in the book remind me a bit of some people that I know).

This book is published by Kenzer and Company.


Loved the movie of course and the comic book was almost as funny.

It was published by Oni Press.

My favorite issue was the Holiday Special that was published in December 1998 where Dante goes to visit Caitlin Bree (yeah, the girl that boffed the dead guy in the movie) in the loony bin.

Lone Ranger

Published originally as a 6 issue mini-series by Dynamite Entertainment, it became a regular series because it was such a great comic book. It was awarded Best Western Comic Book in 2009 by True West magazine.

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