Sunday, May 09, 2010

Top 3 Films: Russell Crowe

For the most part I am really not a big fan of Russell Crowe. In my opinion, he is a pretty darn good actor but as a person I consider him a complete d-bag.

However, he does appear in some good films. One of the pre-Iron Man trailers last night was for Crowe's newest flick, a Ridley Scott re-telling of the Robin Hood legend. It looks really good and I'm a Hood fan so I will probably end up going to see it.

Anyway, in chronological order, here are my 3 favorite Crow films:


In this 2000 blockbuster, Crowe plays the soldier-general turned gladiator Maximus Decimus Meridius. For this movie, Crowe won an Academy Award for Best Actor. It also won the Oscar for Best Picture.

A Beautiful Mind

Released in 2001, Crowe plays Johnathan Nash. He received the nomination by the Academy for Best Actor but lost the award to Denzel Washington. The movie itself, however, did win the Academy Award for Best Picture and won a Golden Globe for Best Drama. In addition, Crowe won a Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Drama and a BAFTA Award for Best Actor.

3:10 to Yuma

In this 2007 remake of a 1957 film, Crowe plays the role of the outlaw Ben Wade, who was originally played by Glenn Ford.

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