Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Why Does This Not Surprise Me?!?

Found this article while I was randomly skimming through The Drudge Report.

After reading this article I really gotta repeat what the title says. Why does this not surprise me?

What? You actually thought that Obama nominated this lady to be a Supreme Court justice because of her qualifications?

The lady has never judged a case.

God forbid the President hire someone based on their merit instead of the fact that they are old college chums. Last time I checked weren't people supposed to get hired into high paying government jobs based on their qualifications instead of things like nepotism and political favors?

And the article makes it a point to state that she and Obama are "both rabid White Sox fans..." Pardon my French but...who gives a shit?!? Is this really pertinent information as to why this person is being nominated to be a judge in the highest court of our land? Her favorite baseball team? Really?!?
After the article itself are listed some comments posted to the website. Here is one of my favorites:
"We have a President with no military experience, executive office or Senate accomplishments. Why not have a Supreme Court judge that has no experience being a judge. Makes perfect sense to me. But wait, I can think for myself and would like somebody on the bench with more than class room experience."
The person that posted this posted it an Anonymous so even though I don't know who he is...Amen brother.

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