Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Border is Secure?

We can all breath easier now. The Mexican-U.S. border is now secure.

Or so says Homeland Security Director Janet Napolitano.

Here is a quote from an article I read in the magazine America's First Freedom:
"I've ridden that border. I've flown it. I've driven it. I know that border. I think, as well as anyone, and I will tell you it is as secure now as it has ever been."

Perhaps she should tell that to the family of Robert Krentz, who the article was written about.

According to the article, a number of criminals crossed the border onto Krentz's ranch, gunned him down, and then took off back across the border.

Yup, sounds like a secure border to me too. Good call there Janet. Just another example of someone inObama's administration that doesn't know jack shit about what they're talking about.

If you want to read the entire article, here is a link to the online version:

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