Sunday, June 27, 2010

Centrist Quotes

Found these quotes on the website for The American Centrist Party:.

"Centrism has no creed except to listen to the public and enact the most efficient and effective solution in the interest of the American people. Being a Centrist is to be independent, reasonable, and not care about politics but about public service. - - author unknown"
"We want the Republicans out of our bedrooms, the Democrats out of our wallets and both out of our First and Second Amendment rights." - - Alan Nathan (centrist radio talk show host)

And this one is from the website for the Modern Whig Party (which, come to find out, The American Centrist Party disbanded in order to join with):

"...the bottom line is that this one particular issue should not be the sole basis for which political party people affiliate with. For example, many 'pro-choice' voters find themselves agreeing with many traditional GOP issues while many of those opposed to abortion rights find themselves agreeing with many Democratic issues. Despite this fact, voters too often are pushed to choose one party or the other due to the abortion issue alone. It is time to end the trend of having this one issue become a deal breaker."

After reading this, I have to say that I completely agree with this statement. I am, as if you didn't already know, extremely pro-life and extremely anti-abortion and consider myself to be a Republican. Not just because of this particular issue but in a large way because of this issue.

However, it is very possible that because of my views on other issues, perhaps it is time to re-think my political alignment.

Hmmm.......I'll give that one some more thought.

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