Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Currently Reading: Frankenstein

TITLE: Frankenstein

AUTHOR: Mary Shelley (adapted by Jason Cobley)


PUBLISHER: Classical Comics

Okay, as if you have not figured it out by now after 5ish years of posting, I have a very short attention span. When I try to read things that are very long in nature, I tend to stop reading them because my mind wanders off somewhere else.

The reason I am pointing this out is this. I have actually never read the book Frankenstein. Ever. In fact, there are many classics that I, unless I was forced to by the public school system (and sometimes not even then), have never read.

So, on my most recent trip to the local library I spotted this book in the section where they keep the graphic novels. Hmmm.......a graphic novel of a book I have never read. Interesting.

So I picked it up and tore through it in about an hour or so.

Sadly, comic books can keep my attention long enough to finish reading one.

Now keep in mind that I do read. Obviously. Strangely enough, I can keep my attention focused (usually) on just about any non-fiction book that I attempt to pick up. It just seems that my mind wanders when trying to read fiction. Very odd. I like fiction. I just don't read it that often.

So anyway, this is what I just finished reading today. While on the same library trip, I also picked up a graphic novel version of The Hound of the Baskervilles so I'll probably end up reading that one next.

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