Tuesday, June 29, 2010

DOTM Update: Haste the Day

Today, Haste the Day released another album so instead of re-posting the entire DoTM article, I thought I would just post this update to their discography and provide a link to the original article.

Attack of the Wolf King
Released June 2010 by Solid State Records.
Produced by Andreas Lars Magnusson.
Band lineup:
Stephen Keech - vocals; Michael Murphey - bass, vocals; Giuseppe Capolupo - drums; David Krysl - guitar; Scotty Whelan - guitar.
**Changes: David Krysl and Scotty Whelan replaced Brennan Chaulk and Jason Barnes on guitar from the previous album Dreamer. Giuseppe Capolupo replaced Devin Chaulk on drums, also from the previous album.**
Tracks: 11 (a special edition with 3 additional tracks is also available)
"Wake Up the Sun" "Dog Like Vultures" "The Quiet, Deadly Ticking" "Travesty" "Merit for Sadness" "The Un-Manifest" "The Place That Most Deny" "White as Snow" "Crush Resistance" "Walk With a Crooked Spine" "My Name is Darkness"

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