Friday, June 11, 2010

Friday Afternoon Shuffle: Green Day

Here is another Green Day shuffle in honor of the Green Day Rock Band video game that was released this past Tuesday (yes, I have it):

  1. Good Riddance (from the album Nimrod)
  2. 2000 Light Years Away (from the album Kerplunk)
  3. Hitching a Ride (from the album Nimrod)
  4. Coming Clean (from the album Dookie)
  5. Tight Wad Hill (from the album Insomniac)
  6. Deadbeat Holiday (from the album Warning)
  7. Castaway (from Warning)
  8. Blvd of Broken Dreams (from American Idiot)
  9. Warning (from Warning)
  10. Private Ale (from Kerplunk)
  11. Dominated Love Slave (from Kerplunk)

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