Sunday, June 27, 2010

What Is a Centrist?

I was reading a post on Oklahoma Lefty titled Cause Some Don't Agree with How I Do This, which in turn, was a response to a post by Man of the West titled The Center is Not as Safe as You Think It is.

The reason I felt a need to write about these posts is because of this ideas that moderates, i.e. centrists and those that "ride the fence" in regards to political issues.

I disagree.

Personally, I think that a person that is moderate is a person that is conservative on some issues and liberal on others.

In fact, I would consider myself a centrist, even though, technically, I'm a Republican..........for now.....

I say that I think I'm a centrist but would say that I'm a right-leaning centrist since MOST of my views are conservative.

For instance, I believe that abortion is murder and am extremely pro-life.....very conservative on this issue.

However, unlike most conservatives, I am what I would call consistent with my pro-life stance. I do not believe that the death penalty is morally right. I don't think most conservatives would agree with me.

I also am a staunch supporter in 2nd Amendment rights. That would be considered a right-leaning, or conservative philosophy.

But, unlike most conservatives, I support the legalization of marijuana (and possibly other currently illegal narcotics). I think that the government spends entirely too much money on drug control. For instance, I think the position of the nation's drug czar should be discontinued. That position is pointless and does nothing to solve the drug problem in this country which I think should be handled as a medical issue and not a criminal one.

So I don't think that with any of these issues I am "riding the fence."

Riding the fence, to me, means that a person has not decided one way or the other, on a particular issue and I think centrists, or moderates, aren't people that can't decide on their particular political philosophy. I just think that they do not take a staunchly left or right position on everything.

In fact, I decided to look up these terms (centrist and moderate) up on Wikipedia and this is what I found:

Centrist : centrism is the practice of promoting moderate policies that lie between different political extremes.

Moderate : an individual who is not extreme, partisan or radical.

I kind of like this definition.


  1. You are not a moderate...moderates are just confused

  2. I think based on the Wiki defintion that a moderate is a person that is not extreme, partisan or radical, I would consider myself a moderate.

    I am not a blind partisan, considering some of the things that Republicans support, I do not.

    And I would not consider myself to be extreme or radical.

    Granted, a lot of what I believe does fall under the "conservative" label, I can't really say that I am 100% a complete conservative.