Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Interview with Dave White

Here is an interview I did via e-mail with Dave White, Independent candidate for Oklahoma's 5th Congressional District.

Why are you running for Congress?

My daughter and I were watching the news one evening and we were talking about some of the economic problems we are facing and how similar our economic crisis is similar to what Greece went through. She looked up at me and asked, "Dad, why don't you fix the problem?" Shortly after that, a commercial for one of my opponents came on and I realized that the people of Oklahoma's 5th Congressional District need real leadership and not career politicians or attorneys in Congress. We need people to run for office who have successful experience in the private sector, people who have real experience in solving difficult problems. I was approached by a candidate in the GOP race to be his campaign manager and he gave me the "tour" of the campaign apparatus. I was disgusted by it and made the decision to run myself.

As far as your opponents go, what makes you different from them? Why should someone vote for you as opposed to a Republican or a Democrat?

Excellent question. First, I am graduate of the Naval Academy with a degree in economics. One of the biggest problems facing this country is that of our economy. Second, I am former Navy SEAL Desert Storm veteran. SEALs are trained to solve problems under the most difficult situations. We know how to optimize the use of all our resources. Third, I have a patent to my name, I am a successful business owner of two businesses. Other candidates on both sides of the aisle call themselves "businessmen," but there is a significant difference to be made. A business owner has to make payroll, deal with Worker's Compensation, health care benefits, personnel issues, identifying market strategy and implementing market strategy. Most of my opponents don't understand these complex issues we business owners face on a daily basis. The Republican Party candidates have for years campaigned as the so-called saviors of problems, promised big and delivered little. Other than rhetoric, there is hardly a difference between the two parties once they get to Washington. There have been some exceptions, mind you, but on the whole, they can't deliver because they are beholden to special interests and big-money donors who financed their campaigns. I have limited my contributions to $100, received only from people who work or live in the 5th District, and I refuse any PAC money. The PACs can endorse me, but I will refuse their money.

If you were elected to Congress, what would you priority be in your first term? That is, what is the #1 issue that concerns you and how would you address it?

Three priorities that all revolve around the economy. First, securing the borders to the north and to the south. Illegal immigration is estimated to cost this country $300 billion per year and that is $300 billion this country cannot afford. Second, we must do something about the national debt. I will work to repeal and replace Obamacare, fight for the Fair Tax and until it is passed into law I will work to reduce the corporate tax to a rate comparable to our international trading partners. At present, the international corporate tax rate is about 18% whereas America's corporate tax rate is about 35%. That is completely unacceptable. By reducing our tax rate, more jobs will be created, more businesses will stay in the United States and the aggregate result will be a reduction of our national debt through responsible revenue production. Lastly, I will fight to reduce spending. Government spending is wickedly out of control and we need a balanced budget amendment with line-item veto powers.

How do you feel about term limits?

Conceptually, I like the idea of term limits though the SCOTUS has ruled term limits are unconstitutional. I will term-limit myself to 8 years, however. If a Navy SEAL, business owner who is debt-free can't fix some of the problems I plan to address, no one can.

How do you feel about salary caps for elected officials?

I support salary caps for elected officials and I also support an elimination of the rule that allows members of Congress to affix their pay raises to all federal pay raises. I will buck the system and work to abolish such a ridiculous rule. A public vote on the floor of the House should be required to give members of Congress any pay raises.

Do you support legislation that would make English the official language of the United States? Why or why not?

I absolutely support such legislation. I support it because of the financial burden it places on taxpayers who are saddled with the additional cost of printing government documents in multiple languages.

Along the same lines as that last question, is illegal immigration a major concern for our country and if so, what are your thoughts on how to fix the problem?

America doesn't have an immigration problem, we have a border security problem. We must secure our borders immediately because it is not only an economic problem, but it is a national security problem. We begin by utilizing all of the resources at our disposal and that includes our military - not the National Guard. In addition, we enforce the laws already on the books and require e-verify for businesses and if they hire illegal workers, those businesses should pay the cost. The very nations who decry American laws that are passed such as that in Arizona have for themselves very strict immigration policies, yet, we continue to allow a virtually unstoppable flow of illegals to stream across our borders. That is completely unacceptable. We crack down on border security, we man the border with both border patrol agents and active duty military, we require businesses to use e-verify and the problem as we know it will be solved. The problem is that on one hand, Republicans support business who wants cheap labor and on the other hand, the Democrats want to grow government and believe a whole new voting block can be created by illegals and their families. The end result is no action, no leadership in Congress.

What are you thoughts on tax reform? Do you support the Fair Tax? Why or why not?

I support the Fair Tax because it provides a level playing field for all Americans regardless of their income level. Until we can get the Fair Tax passed into law, we must reduce the income tax rate for individuals and businesses. The federal government only prints money, it doesn't generate money. We, the people, do.

What do you think is the best way to fix the failing education system in our country?

We begin by slowly dismantling the Department of Education. Administrative costs have continued to soar and Oklahoma is a microcosm for that problem. The whole state of Oklahoma has a smaller population than the city of Houston, but we have more school districts with administrators who are morbidly overpaid. Citizens deserve school choice and until we can wrest the power from the federal government and return it back to communities where education is concerned, when elected, I will go to work on reducing the administrative costs of education on a federal level and return that revenue back to local districts. The goal, of course, is to eventually rid ourselves of the unconstitutional bureaucracy that is the Department of Education.

Do you support legislation that would define life as beginning at conception?

Absolutely. I am a staunchly pro-life Catholic.

What are your thoughts on health care reform? Does the system need to be reformed and if so, how would you go about doing it?

Repeal and replace Obamacare is first priority. When that is accomplished, we begin with tort reform and reduce frivolous lawsuits. From there, we push to allow small businesses to purchase health care insurance across state lines. Competition and free market enterprise always wins out over federal regulation and control.

Do you feel like the two-party system has lost touch with the American people and do you think a third party would ever have a chance at elected a third party candidate to a major political position?

In many ways, it has. Consultants run the parties because they are recruiting fundraisers rather than real leaders. In the past, the two-party system has worked but the American people have become increasing weary of the broken promises from candidates from both parties. During every election cycle, you hear rhetoric from candidates that are finely crafted, polled and homogenized for your protection. At the end of the day, after the confetti is cleaned up from the victory parties, it becomes business as usual. We have seen this time and again in Congress and we have become exceptionally used to it here in the 5th Congressional District. One candidate, for example, touts his record on illegal immigration but forgets to tell the people that he was, in fact, the author of a bill that granted in-state tuition rates for the children of illegal immigrants. Yet another example of the classic bait-and-switch game played by political consultants who tell their candidate what to say and when to say it. We have seen in both parties the "Barbie" and "Ken" candidates whose resume's have been crafted so they can snatch the brass ring and when they do, they fail to deliver time and time again. I have been a Republican all of my adult life and have found the GOP to be very much the same right now in terms of efficacy at the end of the day. If there ever was a good time for an Independent conservative candidate, it is now. We can become the model for other congressional districts to follow.

What are your thoughts about the Tea Party Movement?

I believe the Tea Party Movement is needed and to be applauded. As I have said above, the people are fed up with the federal government. They are fed up with the status quo. They are tired of broken promise after broken promise and ultimately, we are suffering from taxation without adequate representation. If the Tea Party is looking for a candidate who is the embodiment of their philosophy, I am their candidate. My record of success and experienced leadership stands on its own merit - my record was not fabricated so I could run for political office. The Tea Party Movement has raised the bar, has elevated the conversation and it is welcomed. When the average conservative Republican or Democrat looks closely at what the Tea Party Movement stands for and puts aside all of the media spin, they will agree that what they have accomplished is meritorious.

Any final thoughts?

This is the bottom line: I am a Naval Academy graduate with a degree in economics. I am a Navy SEAL officer. I am a Desert Storm veteran. I am a successful business owner with a patent to my name. I am a devoted husband and father of six who is debt-free. I believe and have lived the American dream. It's time to take back Congress from the special interests and the "Barbie and Ken" candidates who are being propped up by consultants and are recruiting fundraisers rather than real leaders from within our communities. Now is the time for the people of Oklahoma to wake up and smell the over-priced coffee they are being billed for by this ridiculous oligarchy that has had control for far too long. It is time to send a leader to Congress who not only understands the turmoil we face, but has the solutions. Not only do I have the solutions, but the record of success to implement those solutions. When I am elected, unlike my opponents, I don't have to return favors the minute I arrive and neither do I have to fall in "lock-step." I can represent the people of Oklahoma's 5th District with a clear conscience.

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