Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Interview with David Looby

As promised earlier, here is an interview that did via e-mail with David Looby, candidate for Oklahoma State House District 100.

Why are you running for the Oklahoma State Legislature?

I am running for State Representative because I believe that my experience and expertise is needed at the Capitol to put an end to the daily abuses that I see at the state government level. I feel that government has only become efficient at overtaxing its citizens and then spending frivolously on inefficient government programs. Oklahoma is facing real budgetary problems in the future and our state needs someone with real world experience who can bring common sense back to government. It makes no sense to consistently raise fees and taxes that burden our citizens while cutting essential government services. Given my expertise and strong fiscal conservatism, I believe that I can make a real difference at the Capitol to reduce our tax burden, control government spending and eliminate government abuse.

As far as your Republican opponents go, what makes you different from them?

The biggest difference between me and my opponents is my experience and expertise. As a successful tax attorney and small business owner who has extensive knowledge of our federal and state tax system, I have the experience necessary to handle the issues that affect District 100 and Oklahoma the most today: our economy, our budget, how we allocate and spend money and, of course, our tax burden. As the only tax attorney at the Capitol, I will make an immediate difference in balancing our budget, reducing wasteful and frivolous spending and eliminating our tax burden. I understand our tax laws and the abuses that are taking place. I have the right expertise to make the changes that will benefit District 100 and the great State of Oklahoma. I have committed my life to protecting families, their livelihoods, property and businesses from the abuses of government and will certainly do the same for the residents of District 100 and for all of Oklahoma.

If you are elected to the State House, what would your priority be in your first term? What is the #1 issue in our state that concerns you and how would you address it?

My priorities when elected to the State House include: (1) strengthening the economy through job creation, eliminating the budget crisis, reducing wasteful spending and providing effective tax relief; (2) improving our roads, bridges and infrastructure; and (3) improving education, health care and energy production. The number one issue that affects our state and concerns me the most is the budget gap and the tough choices that must be made to ensure that essential government services are not cut. I would reduce the budget gap by (1) reducing state fees and taxes, which has been proven to increase revenue and foster a better environment for business; (2) cutting wasteful spending and inefficient government programs; (3) placing a moratorium on tax credits; (4) freezing new spending programs; and (5) decreasing annual agency budget increases.

What are your thoughts on term limits?

I am in favor of term limits at both the state and federal level. I do not support or believe in career politicians.

What are your thoughts about making English the official language of the State of Oklahoma?
I support making English the official language of Oklahoma and our nation. I am against illegal immigration and amnesty for illegal immigrants. Illegals are a tremendous drain on Oklahoma's economy since the taxpaying public subsidizes their health care, education, Medicaid benefits, uninsured motorist coverage and other government benefits they receive without ever paying any taxes. In addition, illegals drive the competitive wage rate down in Oklahoma since employers can often pay them significantly less than that which an Oklahoman can earn doing the same job. Therefore, I am in favor of a tough immigration law similar to that which Arizona has passed to protect Oklahoma's borders, identify those who are in our State illegally, and bring them into the system.

Along the same lines as the last question, what do you feel that our state legislation can and should do about the problem of illegal immigration? What would you propose to fix the problem?

I am in favor of a tough immigration law similar to that which Arizona has passed to protect our State's borders. I am also very much in favor of penalizing businesses that knowingly employ illegals in Oklahoma while turning a blind eye to the fictitious documentation that is often provided to verify their legal status.

Do you think that Oklahoma's public education system is broken and if so how would you propose it get fixed?

I believe that education is the backbone of our society and every child should be given every opportunity to earn a college degree. I am committed to protecting education in Oklahoma. I do not support cutting teacher salaries and other essential services in order to make ends meet. We must identify the waste and inefficiency that is destroying our public education system. It does not make any sense for the State of Oklahoma to have 531 independent school districts to go along with all of the superintendent salaries and administrative costs that bloat our state budget. I believe that the public education system must be audited to identify and eliminate the waste that is presently taking place and determine those school districts that can be consolidated.

Do you think that marijuana should be legalized for medicinal purposes? Why or why not?

No, I do not support the legalization of marijuana for medicinal purposes or any other controlled substances.

Any final thoughts you would like to leave with my readers?

I want to thank all of your readers for taking the time to read this interview. I believe that Oklahoma needs real leaders with the right expertise to tackle the issues that will affect our great State for years to come. Many politicians talk about being fiscally conservative by cutting taxes and wasteful spending. However, I believe that I actually have the necessary expertise to reduce our taxes, cut wasteful spending and make the reforms that must be made to put more money back into the taxpayer's pocket as opposed to having government continuously take more and more from you each year as a result of their poor spending choices. In that regard, I would love to have your vote and support in the primary election on July 27th. I can be reached via email at www.loobyforoklahoma.com or via telephone at 405-470-6436.

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