Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Quest for Vinyl Update

I made another trip to Guestroom Records tonight and picked up some more vinyl.

A couple of weeks ago while there I ordered a copy of another Descendents album and during the course of these past weeks had forgotten that I ordered it. That is until tonight when I was sitting down having dinner with Mandy.

So I went over there after eating and picked up the next Descendents album on vinyl in my collection, the 1987 album ALL.

This was the first Descendents album featuring Stephen Egerton on guitar and Karl Alvarez on bass. It was also the last album that was recorded under the Descendents moniker before Milo departed and they changed their name to ALL (at least until Milo returned and they recorded 1996's Everything Sucks).

This album was released by SST Records and produced by Bill Stevenson (who of course is also their drummer).

My favorites on this album are "Coolidge" and "Clean Sheets."

Also, while at Guestroom, Mandy found a Green Day import on vinyl that we picked up. I also picked up a couple of CDs, including a Red City Radio split E.P. and a John Moreland CD.

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