Saturday, June 26, 2010

Straw Poll Taken for 5th Congressional District

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According to the article, a straw poll was taken among the 7 candidates for the seat for the 5th Congressional District.

Kevin Calvey got 47% of the vote and James Lankford got 33%. The rest of the candidates got less than 10% of the vote.

This poll was taken at a candidate forum held on Friday at the Clarion Meridian Convention Center in Oklahoma City where the candidates discussed immigration and health care reform.

I found it interesting that State Senator Shane Jett, who is running for the Republican nomination, basically said that all illegal immigrants should be allowed to file for citizenship. I don't see him getting far in this race. I hope his State Senate seat is secure. Otherwise he'll be looking for another job.

Rick Flanigan offered a simple solution to the immigration problem. Buses.

On the health care issue, it seems that most of the candidates are in agreement that the new health care legislation is unconstitutional and would like Oklahoma to opt out of the new law.

I agree.

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