Thursday, June 17, 2010

Thursday Night Shuffle

  1. The Blue Channel - Taking Back Sunday (from the album Tell All Your Friends)
  2. Long Way Down - Haste the Day (from the album When Everything Falls)
  3. Hook - Blues Traveler (from the album Four)
  4. When the Love is Right - Tourniquet (from the album Carry the Wounded)
  5. The End of Heartache - Killswitch Engage (from the album The End of Heartache)
  6. She's a Knockout - Social Distortion (from the album Social Distortion)
  7. Graze - Live (from Secret Samadhi)
  8. They Might Be Giants - They Might Be Giants (from Flood)
  9. Cease to Exist - Season to Risk (from The Shattering)
  10. Star - Project 86 (from Drawing Black Lines)
  11. Once - Pearl Jam (from Ten)

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