Friday, July 02, 2010

Afghanistan Obama's War???

According to this article I found this morning on The Huffington Post:

Michael Steele Says Afghanistan Was 'War Of Obama's Choosing,' Not Something The U.S. 'Wanted To Engage In' (VIDEO)

This statement by the Chairman of the Republican National Committee makes it sound like Afghanistan is Obama's War which is interesting.

If I remember my history correctly, the war with Afghanistan was started BEFORE the war with Iraq and if I remember correctly, George W. Bush was in office at the time.

Not trying to say anything bad about former President Bush but Afghanistan was, in fact, HIS war and (not trying to say anything GOOD about Obama) current President Obama inherited the war.

Personally, I do not approve of either war to be completely honest but if you are going to fight a war, I would find it extremely hard to put someone with absolutely no military experience in charge of it (but that is beside the point).

The point I am making is that GOP Chair Michael Steele really made himself look like an idiot with this statement.

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