Sunday, July 25, 2010

Alvin Greene a Sorry Candidate?

I have been seeing a lot of articles like this lately:

Alvin Greene Nomination 'Breaks My Heart': DSCC Direction

As I said, I have been seeing a lot of articles about the Democrats complaining that this guy, Alvin Green, that won their nomination in South Carolina to run against Senator Jim Demint.

J.B. Poersch, the Director of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee actually said:
"We should have had a viable candidate."

I really don't understand how he has the gall to say this.

I mean, the VOTERS in South Carolina picked this guy. It's not like someone picked his name out of a hat.

There were only 2 Democratic candidates for the nomination: Alvin Greene, a military veteran with no political experience,
and Vic Rawl, a former South Carolina State Legislator and current County Council member in Charleston....hence, a budding career politican.

Mr. Greene won 59% of the vote, so, while by no means was it a landslide victory, he was voted on by the citizens of South Carolina!!!

So obvioiusly, Mr Poersch would rather just see the democratic process go away entirely and let the party's themselves pick their nominees.

I think it's time for Mr. Poersch to shut his mouth and give some support to the candidates that the people choose. Sure, there is little to no chance for Greene to win the general election against Senator DeMint but at least give the guy the your support. He is a member of your party after all.

Here is my theory. The Democrats want more ultra-liberals to run for office and Mr. Greene describes himself as a moderate Democrat that favors the Constitution.

Personally, I think the political environment could use more moderates. Keep in mind, that the governor of Oklahoma himself, is a moderate Democrat and we could really use more politicians like him.

In any case, it is statements such as the one made by Mr. Poersch that is going to lose the Democratic Party a lot of seats in the upcoming elections.

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