Saturday, July 31, 2010

Am I A Pundit?

Yesterday, someone in a conversation referred to me as a pundit. I thought, me? A pundit? Am I?

So I decided to look up the word.

I first looked at the :

Basically it says a pundit is someone who offers to mass-media his or her opinion or commentary on a particular subject (most typically political analysis) on which they are knowledgeable.

Also, when you look at the title on the Wiki article, it has the word 'expert' in parentheses following the word Pundit.

I would not necessarily consider myself an expert in politics so with that in mind, I guess I am not a pundit.

However, I am never satisfied with just using one source so I decided to go to the dictionary.

The Random House Dictionary (2010) defined a pundit as:

"1. a learned person, expert, or authority.
2. a person who makes comments or judgments, especially in an authoritative manner; critic or commentator."

So if you are looking at definition #1, I would say I am definitely not a pundit. I am not an expert or an authority by any stretch of the imagination.

If you look at definition #2, I do make comments and judgments and I would consider myself a critic and/or a commentator.

So I guess the jury is still out on this one.

Am I or am I not a pundit? What do you think?


  1. I’ve gotten emails before that referred to me, since I write a blog, as a pundit. Based on those definitions I would say that both you and I would somewhat qualify as pundits, but I just can’t bring myself to think of myself as a pundit. I’m no James Carville. lol

  2. I guess if someone like Stephen Colbert is considered a pundit I could probably see myself that way.

  3. Mineself am a Pundant...I am an expert on life as poor folk and one who appreciates the Creator Lord who has not fallen into the abyss of vain
    atheist egophobia.

    May I have an Amen?

    Dave is better man than Carville and Stephen Cobert has not the grasp of reality that Otter possesses.

  4. You two are my favorite guys on the net...go both have big hearts and I cheer for your lives to be prosperous and productive.

  5. Thanks Jimmie. That is very kind of you and is also an excellent example of why I have told your detractors that you really are a good guy. Keep it up my friend!