Friday, July 02, 2010

Calvey The Only Veteran?

According to an interview with Oklahoma WatchDog editor, Andrew Griffin, Kevin Calvey has stated that he is the

"only [candidate for Oklahoma's 5th Congressional District) running who has served in a combat zone."

He had also stated that same thing in my interview with him back in April although it was in response to the question about how he was different from his REPUBLICAN opponents.


He is a former Navy SEAL and a Desert Storm veteran.

I am certain, although not 100% sure, that a Navy SEAL, at some point in time, has served in a combat zone.

In any case, it seems to me that Mr. Calvey is trying to give off the impression that he is the only candidate who has served in the military. Other than Mr. White, he is probably correct.

Perhaps he meant he was the only Republican candidate that has served in a combat zone. I doubt it.

I think perhaps he might want to get his facts straight before he says something like this.

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