Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Harry Reid On The Issues

Harry Reid On The Issues

I have heard and read nothing but bad press about this guy and to be honest, it really fueled my hatred for the guy. However, I decided to do a little research myself just out of curiosity to find out how he really stands on the far as hit voting record is concerned.

So I looked up his name at On The Issues and checked it out.

There were actually a couple of surprises on his record.

The positions that are highlighted in blue are the ones I (strangely enough) agree with him on while the ones highlights in red are the ones I disagree with him on.

After I have listed all of these, I will come up with a percentage of each and find out exactly how much I really do hate his policies.


Supports ban on partial birth abortions.
Supports ban on military base abortions.
Supports ban on allowing minors to cross state lines for abortion.

Budget & Economy

Supported all anti-recession stimulus spending bills.
Opposes balanced budget Constitutional Amendment.

Civil Rights

Supports Constitutional ban on flag desecration. What?!? A Democrat supports this?!?
Supports adding sexual orientation to definition of hate crimes.
Supports ban on same-sex marriage. What?!? Really?!?


Supports repeal of tax subsidies for companies that move jobs overseas.


Supports repealing national speed limit laws.
Supports more funding and stricter penalties for "hate" crimes.


Opposes increasing penalties for drug offenses.
Opposes spending international development funds on drug control.


Opposes school vouchers.
Supports national education standards.

Energy and Oil

Opposes funding for renewable and solar energy.
Supports making oil cartels illegal.

Foreign Policy

Supports enlarging NATO.
Opposes a cap on foreign aid.

Government Reform

Voted YES for Congressional pay raises.
Supports allowing lobbyists to give gifts to Congress.

Supports ban on campaign donations from unions and corporations.

Gun Control

Supports prohibiting lawsuits against gun manufacturers. I'm shocked at this one too.


Opposes declaring English the official language of the U.S. government.
Opposes the building of a fence along the Mexican border.
Supports allowing illegal immigrants to participate in Social Security.
Opposes welfare limits on illegal immigrants.

Social Security

Opposes the privatization of Social Security.

Tax Reform

Opposes the repeal of the death tax.
Opposes the repeal of the Alternative Minimum Tax.

So based on my calculations, I only agree with him 36.6% of the time based on these particular political issues.

So with that in mind, I think it is safe to say that I still want to see him kicked out of office.

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