Wednesday, July 28, 2010

How'd I Do?

I posted my endorsement for the primaries on Sunday here on Otter Limits:

Primary Endorsements

So here is how I did with those endorsements...................

Governor. I endorsed Randy Brogdon.
Didn't do so well on that one. Brogdon lost to Mary Fallin by 15 points.

Lieutenant Governor. I endorsed Bernie Adler.
Not surprisingly (to be honest) Adler only got 4.4% of the vote. The winner for the Republican nomination was Todd Lamb.

U.S. Senate. I endorsed Tom Coburn.
No big surprise. Tom took 90% of the votes.

U.S. Congress District 4. I endorsed nobody.
Tom Cole won with 77% of the votes.

U.S. Congress District 5. I endorsed Rick Flanigan.
Rick got less than 2% of the vote and while I am very disappointed, I am only a little surprised. Rick is not part of the Republican "system." Which I thought was to his advantage. I was wrong. The winner of this race will be decided by a runoff in August between Kevin Calvey and James Lankford.

Attorney General. I endorsed Scott Pruitt.
Scott won with 56% of the vote.

State Auditor. I endorsed David Hanigar.
David lost to Gary Jones, 69.57% to 30.43%.

State Treasurer. My endorsement went to Ken Miller.
Ken won with 63% of the vote.

Superintendent of Public Instruction. Janet Barresi had my endorsement.
Janet won with 62%.

Labor Commissioner. My endorsement went to Jason Reese.
Jason lost to Mark Costello by 15 points.

Insurance Commissioner. John Doak had my endorsement.
John trails John Crawford by 2 points. There will be a runoff on August 24.

State Senate District 30. I endorsed Matt Jackson.
Matt Jackson lost pretty badly to David Holt. Holt won with 63%.

State Senate District 42. I endorsed James Lane.
Not surprisingly, Mr Lane was slaughtered by the incumbent Cliff Aldridge, losing by 53 points.

State House District 100. I endorsed David Looby.
Strangely, David trails Elise Hall by 13 points. There will be a runoff election between these two.

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