Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Independents Becoming the Majority?

Here is an interesting poll I just read about over at Poli-Tea.

The poll was taken by the Washington Post and ABC News.

It shows that of the people polled 31% identify themselves as Democrats and 24% identify themselves as Republican.

So what about the rest? 40% of the people polled identify themselves as Independents.

There are 2 points I would like to make with these results in mind.

First, to all you Democrat and Republican candidates running for office (or for those who are already in office), your time is coming. Just remember that. Your numbers are diminishing. The time of party squabbling is coming to an end. Be advised.

Second, what about the other 5% of the people that were polled? Can they just not make a decision about how they identify themselves? I mean, how hard is it to answer this kind of question. Either you are Democrat or you are Republican or you are not. Is it really that hard a question?

Personally, I would think that if you are neither one of those, than you are Independent. Even if your answer is something along the lines of I don't care about politics, wouldn't that still make you Independent?

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