Sunday, July 25, 2010

New Poll: English the Official Language of Oklahoma

This week's poll states the question:

Should English be the Official Language of Oklahoma?

Your choices are:

Not Sure
Don't Care


  1. I am honestly not sure on this. While I think people that move to this country should learn English, I’m not sure if passing a law to have an official language is really necessary.

  2. I'm for making English the official language. By that, I mean that except for instances of public safety, diplomacy or commerce, the government should function solely in English. That means no ballots in multiple languages (like CA), no driver's license manuals in other languages, no government documents printed in other languages.

    Notice that I said for government, though. The government has no business telling private individuals or businesses which languages they can or cannot speak. Outside of the government business, there should be no language "mandate".

  3. I agree.

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