Sunday, July 25, 2010

Primary Endorsements

Here is a list of the folks that I am endorsing in the 2010 primaries here in Oklahoma. Keep in mind I am registered as a Republican so I can only list those in that party since Oklahoma's antiquated election laws do not permit me from voting outside the party I am registered in:

Governor - Randy Brogdon

Lieutenant Governor - Bernie Adler

U.S. Senate - Tom Coburn

U.S. Rep District 4 - I am choosing to vote for neither Republican candidate because I am not impressed with either (and I am very irritated that whoever wins this primary will run in the general election unopposed, hence, they will take the seat...c'mon NOBODY else wanted to run against Tom Cole?!?)

U.S. Rep District 5 - Rick Flanigan (and, as I have stated before, if he does not get the nominated, I will not be voting Republican in the general election).

Attorney General - Scott Pruitt

State Auditor - David Hanigar (I still don't understand why we have to vote on this position. Can't the governor just appoint this position?)

State Treasuer - Ken Miller

Superintendent of Public Instruction - Janet Barresi (another office that could be appointed instead of elected)

Labor Commissioner - Jason Reese

Insurance Commissioner - John Doak

State Senate District 30 - Matt Jackson

State Senate District 42 - James Lane

State House District 100 - David Lobby

I would list my endorsements for other State Representatives but they all the other districts that I would give a rip about are all running un-opposed. Ridiculous!

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