Friday, July 02, 2010

Public Schools Free?

Should public schools be free? |

Some good quotes from the comments on this article.....

"..I wonder if the best route isn't to take government out of grade school all together.....people would have more money to pay for their kids education without tax dollars being taken from them for it....parents would all be free to choose which schools they were willing to pay to send their kids to..."

Great ideas!!!

One good point made by another person that left a comment though........

"I must have missed something. What are property taxes again? Free?"

Very good point. Public schools aren't free.

"competitive schooling, school choices exercised by parents instead of by location........would give us some advantage that we're often completely ignoring at present..."

Again, good ideas.

My response?

"Dismantle the Department of Education. Take the federal government completely out of the education business.

School vouchers are the way to go."


  1. I think that making education a competitive industry is a HORRIBLE idea. Not that our current education system isn’t desperately in need of reform, but turning the education of our young to the wolves of the market just seems crass and perverse to me.

  2. My thoughts are that the government has done a fine display of muffing up the job. Why not give someone else a try at it.
    They certainly could not do any worse.

    I'm not sure that I understand why you are so distrustful of a competitive market. Sure there are some corporations that are shady but they still get the job done.

  3. There are some things in this world that shouldn’t be dictated by competition and the education of our youth is on the top of that list. It’s bad enough that our system has failed the children of the poor but can you imagine how much it would be worse if the market controlled it? I just think that we as a society have a moral and ethical collective responsibility to provide the best education possible to our children. Handing said education over to profit driven CEOs would go completely against the responsibility.

  4. Honestly, I can't see how giving the free market control of education can make it worse.

    I guess the big difference between you and I, politically speaking, is that I have more faith in the free market than I do in the federal government.

    That being said, I don't think it will ever happen.

    At the very least, I still think we should abolish the Department of Education and take the federal government completely out of the picture and perhaps giving the state and local governments more control in the education of our young people.

    I also think that school choice should be part of the equation. That is, I think parents should be allowed to choose which schools they send their children to and base the funding those schools receive on how many students they have. That would give most school districts an incentive to improve the quality of their teaching.

    What do you think?

  5. Steve said: I guess the big difference between you and I, politically speaking, is that I have more faith in the free market than I do in the federal government.

    The truth is I have very little faith in either. And to be honest, we do not live in a free market economy. We live in an oligarchy that claims to be a free market.

    On your question about school choice, I just don’t see that as a good thing either. People should invest in their neighborhood schools. That is their community and that should be important to them. Their property taxes should go to their neighborhood school and only those schools.

    The Federal government should set standards that should be met by the schools to keep accreditation. There needs to be some type of baseline for the skills and things that children should learn in each grade and these guidelines should be designated by educators and not bureaucrats. Beyond that the actual administration of the schools should be done at the local level. The states should then ensure that each school provides the same opportunities to all students by making sure that the facilities are all in good repair and top of the line. This would obviously take a lot of money and require that each state have a pool from which to pull funds to bring schools in poorer areas up to speed with schools in richer neighborhoods.

    Obviously government fails at many, if not most things, but I still believe that education is a public responsibility and not a private sector responsibility. The only way that I would approve of take public education out of the government would be if it was run as a non-profit organization. It could still be overseen by the state but actually run by a non-profit group. That would be okay with me. But making the education of my kids and your kids the profit motive for someone fool in a suit is tantamount to evil in my eyes. (Okay evil is an extreme term but it was about the only thing that I could think of at the moment.)

  6. Non profit organization? What a great idea!

    I approve!