Thursday, July 15, 2010

Ron Paul on the Issues

A couple of weeks ago I wrote an article here about military spending that was in regards to an article that Congressman Ron Paul and Barney Frank co-wrote.

I decided to throw up some information about Ron Paul here so that you folks know where he stands on the issues.

Just like I did yesterday on a similar article about Harry Reid, I will highlight the positions I agree with him on in blue and positions I disagree with him on in red.


Believes that abortion is murder.
Supports getting the federal government out of the abortion business.
Supports ban on partial birth abortion.

Budget and Economy

Supports repealing the 16th Amendment.
Opposed the 2008 auto industry bailout.
Opposed the 2008 "stimulus" package.

Civil Rights

Opposes affirmative action.
Opposes constitutional amendment to prohibit flag desecration.


Opposes the death penalty.
Opposes "hate crimes" legislation.


Opposes the war on drugs and thinks it has been a total failure.
Opposes military patrols to battle drugs.
Supports the legalization of medical marijuana.


Supports abolishing the Department of Education.
Supports school vouchers.

Energy and Oil

Opposes tax credits on renewable energy.
Opposes making oil cartels illegal.

Foreign Policy

Supports cutting off foreign aid to Israel and Arab nations.
Opposed to restricting US funding of the United Nations.

Government Reform

Supports abolishing government agencies with no constitutional role.
Supports compulsory term limits.
Opposes congressional pay raises.

Gun Control

Opposes ban on lawsuits against gun manufacturers.


Supports building a fence along Mexican border.
Supports declaring English as the official language of the U.S.

Social Security

Supports personal retirement accounts over social security.
Supports the slow phasing out of social security.

Tax Reform

Supports abolishing the IRS.
Supports ending the death tax.

So it appears that I agree with Ron Paul (at least based on these specific political issues) 89% of the time.


  1. If the GOP ran Ron Paul as their candidate, I might actually vote for him.

  2. I'd consider voting for him myself if he ran for President.