Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sunday Shuffle

  1. Your Name is Tattooed on My Heart - Screeching Weasel (from the album Bark Like a Dog)
  2. What If His People Prayed - Casting Crowns (from Casting Crowns)
  3. Kinch - Season to Risk (from Men Are Monkeys....Robots Win)
  4. I Didn't Like You Anyway - The Donnas (from Get Skintight)
  5. The Torch - Dropkick Murphys (from Live on St Patricks Day)
  6. Kill Rock Stars - NOFX (from So Long and Thanks For the Shoes)
  7. True - Duvall (from Volume and Density)
  8. This is the End of Your Life - The Juliana Theory (from the e.p. Music From Another Room)
  9. Dead - They Might Be Giants (from Flood)
  10. Heartland - U2 (from Rattle and Hum)
  11. Dear Death Part 2 - Emery (from In Shallow Seas We Sail)

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