Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Tea Party Ignorant?

I found this article on NPR just a little bit ago. I also heard a radio broadcast on All Things Considered regarding the same issue earlier this afternoon.

Tea Party: It's Not Just Taxes, It's the Constitution

In the radio program, there were some Tea Party activists going on about how Obama is violating the Constitution and how it is breaking the law and what not.

I agree. I think the current administration is trampling all over the Constitution. And I'm all for any movement pointing that out and bringing it to the mainstream press.

However......some of these activists and making the movement look a little bit stupid in my opinion.

Believe me, I am no fan of President Obama or his administration but....he is the not only President that has violated the Constitution. His predecessor did a bit of stuff that was unconstitutional as well. So to harp on and on about Obama without mentioning that other administrations have done the same thing or ignoring the fact that other administrations have trashed our Constitution is a bit, well, naive I guess.

Another things that some of the activists do that make the movement look less credible are things like one particular activist that is listed in the article.

Betty Anne Olsen, according to the article, carries a copy of the Constitution in her purse but practically states that she knows nothing about it.

The main point that seems to be hammered in by the article is that the Tea Party activists scream that their constitutional rights are being destroyed by this administration but they aren't really sure what exactly is in the Constitution itself (hmmm....a lot like our election officials I think) or exactly which constitutional rights are being invaded.

Now don't take this post the wrong way. I'm not anti-Tea Party movement or anything like that. I just think that with a movement so largely in the public limelight, perhaps they should get a better grip on who speaks for their movement, otherwise they could do more harm than good in the upcoming elections.

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