Saturday, July 31, 2010

Third Party Spotlight: American Centrist Party

"America is 70% Centrist. So why are we letting 15% from the left and 15% from the right control our nation?"

According to their website, The Centrist Party:
"Centrism is about achieving common sense solutions that fit the current needs; support the public trust, serve the common good; and consideration of short and long term needs."

The Centrist Party was formed in 2006 but it has never been recognized as an official party in any of the states.

The Chairperson of the party is John P. Reisman and its headquarters is in Big Bear Lake, California.

They are opposed to earmarks and support increased regulation because they feel less regulation is not rational.

They advocate getting special interests out of the political process entirely and reducing big money influence in it.

The website states that:
"Congress is left or right, and all bills suffer or gain from the tug of war between the parties....Without a Centrist Party we are bound by the extremes. Even though many politicians consider themselves Centrist (usually only during election campaigns), they are still tied to their constituents, party platforms, special interests and personal agendas."

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