Friday, July 02, 2010

Third Party Spotlight: The Modern Whigs

The Modern Whig Party claims to be "America's oldest mainstream political parties" and "the original party of Abraham Lincoln and 4 other U.S. Presidents" according to their website.

The Modern Whig Party

They support fiscal responsibility, energy independence, state's responsibility, social progression and strong national defense.

It was ranked by Time Magazine as one of the 'top 10 most popular alternative political movements' in the world.

Here is their Preamble which you can find on their website:
"The Modern Whig Party of the United States of America is the Party for the rest of us, the party of the patriots, the party of equality, the party of liberty, and the party of moderates.
We, the Modern Whigs, standing on the broad and firm platform of the Constitution, united by all of its inviolable and sacred guarantees and compromises, relying upon the intelligence of the American people, with an abiding confidence in their capacity for self-government, and their devotion to the Constitution and to the United States of America, pledge to go forth with integrity, open-mindedness, pragmatism, and transparency as we pursue our civic duty."

Something that appeals to me about this party is their focus on state's rights.

In their tenet on Fiscal responsibility they state that their philosophy "is to empower the states with the resources to handle their unique affairs" and in their tent on States' rights they state that "Each state can determine its course of action based on local values and unique needs."

I really like the idea of letting the states handle most of its affairs and making the federal government handle only what it is prescribed to do so in the United States Constitution. You remember that? The document our country was founded on?

The Modern Whigs Party is an owl.

One thing I wonder is why, if they are trying to claim themselves as basically a re-birth of the original Whig Party they don't just call themselves the Whig Party instead of attaching that "Modern" word at the front. Oh well, I'm sure they have their reasons.

Here is a link to the Wiki article on them.

Just in case you are curious, the state of Oklahoma currently does NOT have a state affiliate of this party. That is, Oklahoma does NOT have a chapter of the Modern Whigs (Washington state does though).


  1. Sounds intriguing.

    I like how you mentioned that this party does not have an OK chapter. How many of the third parties that you've researched have chapters in the Sooner State?

  2. good question. i will research that and get back to you.

  3. The Boston Tea Party DOES have a chapter in Oklahoma but from the looks of the website they don't seem very active.

    The New American Independent Party does not appear to have an Oklahoma affiliate.