Thursday, July 29, 2010

Third Party Spotlight: The Reform Party

The Reform Party was founded in 1995 by H. Ross Perot.

It is composed of conservatives, liberals and centrists.

The main points of its platform include:

1. maintaining a balanced budget, pass a Balanced Budget Amendment, pay down federal debt

2. campaign finance reform, strict limits on campaign contributions and outlaw Political Action Committees

3. enforce existing immigration laws

4. oppose free trade agreements like NAFTA and withdrawal from the WTO

5. term limits on U.S. Representatives and Senators

6. direct election of the United States President by popular vote

7. end corporate welfare

8. eliminate wasteful programs that serve no important national goal

For the most part is stays out of social issues such as abortion and gay rights because the Reform Party believes these issues divide Americans and they would like to focus on the issues that can bring people together.

Notable members of this party have been H. Ross Perot, who ran for President in 1992 and 1996, Pat Buchanan, who ran for President on the Reform ticket in 2000, Ralph Nader, who ran on the Reform ticket in 2004, and Jesse Ventura, who ran (and won) as a Reform Party candidate for Governor of Minnesota.

Here is a link to the Official Website of the Reform Party

The national chairman is David Collision and the party headquarters is in Dallas, Texas.

Although there is a link to a Reform Party of Oklahoma, the site does not list any state officers, only an e-mail address:

Currently, the Reform Parties Candidates include:

Alex Hammer for Governor of Maine.
Rodney Martin for City Council of Porterville, California.
Jeff Rainforth for City Council of Sacramento, California.
Frank Rutherford for Wisconsin State Assembly.

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