Saturday, July 17, 2010

Third Party Spotlight: The Socialist Party of the United States of America

"Our aim is the creation of a new social order in which the commanding value is the infinite preciousness of every woman, man and child."

This mission statement comes from the official Socialist Party of the United States of America website.

As if you already gathered, this party is a left wing organization and is opposed to capitalism and supports worker and consumer control of the means of production.

The National Secretary is Greg Pason. The National Secretary runs the day to day business and is chosen by the National Committee. The National Committee currently consists of two chairs, Andrea Pason and Billy Wharton, along with 2 vice-chairs and a 12 member committee elected by a National Convention.

They call for an immediate end of providing military aid to Israel and the immediate withdraw of our troops from Iraq and Afghanistan. They also call for socialized health care.

In 2008, their Presidential candidate was Brian Moore, who got a little over 6500 votes nationwide.

And yes, Oklahoma actually does have a chapter of this political party.

It is the Greater Oklahoma City Socialist Party.

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