Thursday, July 08, 2010

Thursday Morning Shuffle

  1. Timberwolves at New Jersey - Taking Back Sunday (from the album Tell All Your Friends)
  2. The Last Goodbye - Haste the Day (from Burning Bridges)
  3. Bleed Alone - Haste the Day (from When Everything Falls)
  4. Quatro - Season to Risk (from Men Are Monkeys...Robots Win)
  5. Underself - Season to Risk (from Men Are Monkeys....Robots Win)
  6. That's Love - Brad Paisley (from Mud on the Tires)
  7. Typical - Dag Nasty (from Field Day)
  8. Death and Destruction - Weezer (from Maladroit)
  9. Big Me - Foo Fighters (from the album Foo Fighters)
  10. The Desperation's Gone - NOFX (from So Long and Thanks for the Shoes)
  11. Now I Wanna Be a Good Boy - The Ramones (from Leave Home)

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