Saturday, July 31, 2010

Top 3 Films: Wesley Snipes

Happy 48th Wesley!

Major League (1989)

In one of his earliest films, Snipes starts alongside a casting lineup including Tom Berenger, Charlie Sheen, Rene Russo, Corbin Bernsen, Bob Uecker, and Chelcie Ross as a member of the Cleveland Indians baseball team.

This film was quite successful and was followed by two sequels although Snipes did not reprise his role as center fielder Willie Mays Hayes.

White Men Can't Jump (1992)

In another sports film, co-stars with Woody Harrelson as a team of neighborhood basketball hustlers. Rosie Perez also starred in this film as Harrelson's girlfriend.

It was one of the highest grossing films in 1992.

Blade (1998)

This film is based on a Marvel Comics character. Snipes starts as the title character who is a half-man/half-vampire vampire hunter.

It also stars Stephen Dorff as Deacon Frost, Blade's main adversary in the film, Kris Kristofferson as Whistler, Blade's mentor, and a post-porn star Traci Lords as one of Deacon Frost's lesser vampires.

2 sequels followed this film, both with Snipes reprising his role as the main character and it spawned a television show, called Blade: The Series, which did not star Snipes. It did not last long, garnering only 12 total episodes.


  1. I really liked all three of the Blade movies.

  2. I have only seen 1 & 2 but I don't remember much about the 2nd one.

  3. The third one is better than I thought it would be.