Sunday, July 11, 2010

Vs Tom Coburn: Mark Myles

Mark Myles is a Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate to run against Senator Tom Coburn.

He states that he is "a progressive, fiscally conservative, independent-minded Democrat..."

Here is a quote from his website that I like:
"Democracy does not work if elections are not contested and people don't involve themselves in the process. People stay at home and moan about the state of affairs, but then do nothing about it...........I reject the notion that any side has a monopoly on good ideas......"

Mark has a Bachelors Degree in Economics from Oklahoma State University and graduated from law school in 2008. He is currently an attorney for Albert Hoch Jr and Associates in Oklahoma City.

Interestingly enough, I actually kind of like his stance on immigration. I'm not sure how it would be enforced but it is a good idea nonetheless. Here is a video where he describes it:

Just in case anybody was interested in this useless information......this post mark the 500th Political post on The Otter Limits.

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