Sunday, July 25, 2010

We Don't Need Calvey

Why I Don't Support Kevin Calvey

These are actually not my reasons specifically. This is a blog post that is a reprint of a post on Rick Flanigan's website.

Here is a link to the article itself:

The Reason I Can Not Support Kevin Calvey

Here are some highlights of it:

On Immigration:
"Mr. Calvey talks tough on illegal immigration but.....he authored HB1559 which granted in-state tuition benefits to illegals...[and] he voted yes for HB1409 which would have required the Department of Public Safety to issue Driver's License exams in foreign languages."

On Career Politicians:
"Mr. Calvey said...the country can not afford 'Career Politicians'.....yes.....has run for or held public office in every election cycle since 1996 with the exception of 2008. 14 years as a my opinion makes him a career politician....

Personally, I have to agree with Mr. Flanigan that I can not support a candidate that plays politics by saying one thing while their voting record specifically says the exact opposite. Typical politician. We don't need him in Congress.

If you remember, he stated in an interview he did here on Otter Limits that he was the only candidate to serve our country in a combat zone but failed to mention that Independent candidate Dave White has also served in a combat zone. I'll give Mr. Calvey the benefit of the doubt on that one though and assume that he was referring only to his Republican opponents.

But on his voting record I just can't bring myself to support this candidate.

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