Saturday, July 10, 2010

What? Obama's a Socialist? - Majority of Likely Voters Agree 'Socialist' Accurately Describes Obama

The above Fox News article talks about a poll taken by Democracy Corps states that 55% of voters think that the word "socialist" is an accurate description of President Obama.

What I would be interested in knowing is whether or not those polled were given an explanation of the word "socialist."

I mean, personally, I think that socialist is a good word to describe him but I am just wondering about the people that were chosen to take this poll. They are either picked from a group of people that the pollster knew would be biased against Obama or they picked a group of uneducated people that might not necessarily know what the term "socialist" means.

I could be wrong but I really think that most of these polls are skewed.

For those that are interested in knowing, the group Democracy Corps was founded by James Carville and Stanley Greenburg, which makes me wonder why 2 Democratic political consultants would take a poll like this and then release the results unless they thought the word "socialist" did not have some sort of negative connotation in this day and age.

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