Thursday, August 05, 2010

Currently Reading: Calvin Coolidge

TITLE: Encyclopedia of Presidents: Calvin Coolidge

AUTHOR: R. Conrad Stein


PUBLISHER: Children's Press

Lately, I have been wanting to find out more about this particular President so while at the library the other day I picked up a bunch of these little short, 100 page books about him. Apparently, they are geared toward younger readers but with my short attention span and the time that I have to do anything lately, they are just about right.

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  1. Well, you have got to start somewhere!

    Since 1985 I've been performing a solo history - "Calvin Coolidge: More Than Two Words." It has been rewarding to keep learning about this man - and there is much to learn. You might move on to his 1929 Autobiography. Increasingly, it is seen as the best post-presidential writing after Grant's Memoirs. Check it out!