Thursday, August 12, 2010

Dave White Supports the NatGas Act

Dave White 2010: NatGas Act Needs Approval Now, Not Later

Some highlights from this blog post from Dave White 2010:

"Approximately 70% of the oil we imported...from nations that are far less than friendly to us.....we're subsidizing the war against our own people.....

Natural gas is a clean burning alternative for vehicles and is exceptionally efficient.

Natural gas is abundant.

The use of natural gas as a vehicle fuel alternative is not only good for the environment, but reduces our dependence upon foreign oil.

The Natural Gas Act will create jobs in Oklahoma....."

Dave states that this legislation will be on the top list of his priorities if he is elected to Congress.

More jobs to Oklahoma? Less dependence on foreign oil? Environmentally friendly?

I'm all for it. How about you?

Vote for Dave!!!!

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