Friday, August 06, 2010

Friday Last Night Shuffle (Aug 6)

  1. Beautiful Day - U2 (from the album All That You Can't Leave Behind)
  2. Silent Night - Weezer (from the album Christmas with Weezer)
  3. Last Letter Home - Dropkick Murphys (from the album The Warriors Code)
  4. Who'll Stop the Rain - Creedence Clearwater Revival (from the album Cosmo's Factory)
  5. Let It Be Me - Social Distortion (from the album Social Distortion)
  6. Pride - U2 (from the album The Unforgettable Fire)
  7. Don't Wear Those Shoes - Weird Al Yankovic (from the album Polka Party)
  8. Out of My Hands - The Donnas (from the album Gold Medal)
  9. S.F.S. - Dag Nasty (from the album Four on the Floor)
  10. Somebody - Depeche Mode (from the album Some Great Reward)
  11. Minority - Green Day (from the album Warning)

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