Friday, August 27, 2010

Green Day Concert Review

There is now a new sub genre of rock music. It is called Arena Punk (or Stadium Punk) and Green Day have that market cornered!

Last night, Mandy and I drove down to Dallas to see Green Day at the Center (formerly the Smirnoff Center, formerly the Starplex Ampitheater).

The opening act was AFI. I have to admit that I'm not the biggest AFI fan. I'm just not all that impressed with them and this show did not make a believer in me. I was actually glad that they did not play very long.

I have to say that this is by far the BEST concert that I have EVER been to. Now, with most people, I have to admit that this is not saying much. But I have seen, quite literally, too many concerts to even attempt to count. Notwithstanding, this concert was definitely the very very best I have ever seen.

Billie Joe is by far one of the best showmen in rock music today. He is one of the most interactive that I've seen and while most bands tend to shy away from letting people onstage (and usually make sure they get thrown off once they have made it that far), Billie Joe not only encouraged the crowd to get onstage but actually pulled some of them up himself and let them sing with him.

In fact, at one point in the concert when the band played their breakthrough hit "Longview," he got 3 different people up on stage with them and had them do a little singing contest. Come to think of it, Billie himself did not sing any of the song himself. At the end of the song, a little 12 year old girl won the singing contest and Billie presented her with the guitar he was playing at the time. Quite amazing!

In my opinion, Green Day is the ONLY punk band in existence that could be away with the abundance of pyrotechnics and the huge light show that they put on last night. The backdrop behind the drum riser was amazing and I really had a hard time keeping my eyes off of it.

On top of how great the show was visually, the music of course was amazing and this band really gives you your money's worth. They went onstage around 7:40pm and did not stop playing until after 11pm!!! 3 hours worth of music! Again, amazing!

I think if you ever get a chance to go see this band, take it. I will definitely be keeping my eye out for the next one to come around.

Below is a list of the songs that they played (yeah, I was typing the song titled into my iPhone while the concert was going on, I'm a nerd, LoL!) and in parentheses the album that they came off of.

  1. Song of the Century (21st Century Breakdown)
  2. 21st Century Breakdown (21st Century Breakdown)
  3. Know Your Enemy (21st Century Breakdown)
  4. East Jesus Nowhere (21st Century Breakdown)
  5. Holiday (American Idiot)
  6. Viva La Gloria (21st Century Breakdown)
  7. Give Me Novacaine (American Idiot)
  8. Before the Lobotomy (21st Century Breakdown)
  9. St Jimmy (American Idiot)
  10. Boulevard of Broken Dreams (American Idiot)
  11. Burnout (Dookie)
  12. FOD (Dookie)
  13. Geek Stink Breath (Insomniac)
  14. Are We The Waiting (American Idiot)
  15. Some song from 1039 (I couldn't figure out which one it was)
  16. 2000 Light Years Away (Kerplunk!)
  17. Hitchin a Ride (Nimrod)
  18. When I Come Around (Dookie)
  19. Medley: Rock n Roll (Led Zeppelin) / Sweet Child O Mine / Highway to Hell
  20. Brain Stew / Jaded (Insomniac)
  21. Longview (Dookie)
  22. Basketcase (Dookie)
  23. She (Dookie)
  24. King for a Day (Nimrod)
  25. Medley: Shout (Isley Brothers) / Free Falling (Tom Petty) / Break on Through (Doors) / Satisfaction (Rolling Stones) / Hey Jude (Beatles)
  26. 21 Guns (21st Century Breakdown)
  27. Minority (Warning)
  28. American Idiot (American Idiot)
  29. Jesus of Suburbia (American Idiot)
  30. Whatsername (acoustic) (American Idiot) This is my favorite Green Day song and I was really pleasantly surprised that they played this and the fact that Billie Joe played it by himself acoustically was so freaking cool!
  31. Wake Me Up When September Ends (American Idiot)
  32. Good Riddance (Time of Your Life) (Nimrod)
Now, how close did this set list come to my Green Day Dream Set List? Remember that post from back in June?

  1. Warning. Nope.
  2. Church on Sunday. Nope.
  3. Jesus of Suburbia. Check.
  4. Holiday. Check.
  5. Blvd of Broken Dreams. Check.
  6. Wake Me Up When September Ends. Check.
  7. Extraordinary Girl. Nope.
  8. Whatsername. Check.
  9. Viva La Gloria. Check.
  10. Christian's Inferno. Nope.
  11. Last of the American Girls. Nope.
  12. Murder City. Nope.
  13. Little Girl. Nope.
  14. 21 Guns. Check.
  15. Good Riddance. Check.
  16. Walking Contradiction. Nope.
  17. Geek Stink Break. Check.
  18. Welcome to Paradise. Nope.
  19. She. Check.
  20. When I Come Around. Check.
  21. FOD. Check.
12 out of 21. Not too bad.


  1. That sounds like it was a great show.

  2. It was ahhhhhhhhmazing!