Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Part Two: WA State Initiatives

After some further research, it appears that some of the ballot measures I listed on WA State Initiatives in 2010 yesterday actually did NOT get enough signatures to get on the ballot.

That's what I get for trusting the Washington State Secretary of State homepage.

Anyway, from the list of ballot measures I listed on my blog yesterday, the only one that actually made the cut for the ballot in November was:

Ballot Measure 1098

The one establishing a state income tax. Again, my WA readers, vote a big fat NO!!!

In addition to that one, there are a few others that will be on the ballot that I did not mention yesterday. Here are those:

Measure No. 1082

This one authorizes employers in Oklahoma to purchase private insurance and eliminate worker-paid shares of medical-benefit premiums.

So, it says that it "authorizes" them but it does not state whether or not it "requires" them. From what I'm reading it sounds more like it is just saying that it allows employers to purchase private insurance. Sure I'm all for it. Why not. Vote YES!

Measure No. 1053

This one says that any tax increase requires either a 2/3 majority in the state legislature or receive voter approval.

I oppose this measure and I will tell you why. WA state already taxes the crap out of everybody, especially businesses. Businesses are leaving the state in droves and soon the state is going to start causing people to leave for greener pastures, so to speak. My thought on this measure is if they re-worded it to say, a tax increase requires voter approval only, I'd go for it. But the way it is worded now. Big fat NO!!!

Measure No. 1100

A bit of background. Right now, liquor stores are owned and operated by the state. This measure would end that. It would close state liquor stores and allow for the sale, distribution and importation of liquor by the private sector.

Without a doubt, I would vote YES on this one.

Measure No. 1007

This initiative would end the sales tax on candy and bottled water. It would also end excise tax on carbonated beverages.

You are going to find this hard to believe but I actually oppose this ballot measure. I think sales taxes are a good way to produce revenue and I really don't like the way the measure is worded. I would be in favor of ending sales tax on bottled water but not on candy and soda. I say vote NO.

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