Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Should Senators be banned from becoming Lobbyists?

Should they?

Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Chris Coons thinks so according to this Huffington Post article:

Chris Coons, Dem Senate Candidate Wants Lifetime Ban on Senators Becoming Lobbyists.

Not only does he want to ban Senators from getting jobs as Washington lobbyists, he wants to CUT pay for Senators by 10%!

Wow! This guy has some balls. It is things like this that, in my personal opinion, get people elected. That is, if they can get their name out there.

Coons is currently running for Joe Biden's old Senate seat from the state of Delaware.

He says:
"People are mad, and people really question whether Washington is working for them. Americans are willing to sacrifice, but that's just not what they're seeing out of D.C........There's a broad concern [that] lobbyists and special interests have too much control over the outcomes."

Chris Coons is running against the Republican Mike Castle.

As far as the question goes, Should U.S. Senators be banned from serving as lobbyists? I think they should. I think once they have done their civic duty and served their country as a legislator, they should leave office gracefully and go back into the private sector.

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