Sunday, August 08, 2010

Sunday Shuffle

  1. On And On - Number One Gun (from the album Celebrate Mistakes)
  2. Carpathia - Taking Back Sunday (from the album New Again)
  3. Doughnut Riot - Otisburg (from the e.p. Born Yesterday)
  4. Prosthetic Head - Green Day (from the album Nimrod)
  5. When I Was Your Age - Weird Al Yankovic (from the album Off the Deep End)
  6. Reclusion - Anberlin (from the album Cities)
  7. Churches are Serial Killers - Emery (from the album In Shallow Seas We Sail)
  8. Guns of Brixton - Dropkick Murphys (from The Singles Collection)
  9. Haunted - Kelly Clarkson (from the album My December)
  10. Army Ants - Stone Temple Pilots (from the album Purple)
  11. Hold Captive - Kill The Reflection (from the album Indie Craft Bizaar)

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