Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Thermals: DoTM

Today, I'm coinciding the band that I am writing about with one of the band that Dave is featuring on his "Which Song Should the Spy Play? poll, The Thermals.

The Thermals started in Portland, Oregon. They formed in 2002. They are similar, musically, to bands such as Built to Spill and The Hold Steady. Basically just good ole standard indie rock.

You can read read more about them at the following links:

The Official Website
The Thermals Wikipedia Site
Thermals MySpace site


More Parts per Million
Released in March 2003 on Sub Pop Records
Produced by Hutch Harris.
Band lineup:
Hutch Harris - vocals; Kathy Foster - bass; Jordan Hudson - drums; Ben Barnett - guitar.
Tracks: 13

Fuckin A
Released in May 2004 by Sub Pop.
Produced by Chris Walla.
Lineup changes:
Ben Barnett left the band and Hutch Harris took over on guitar as well as vocals.
Tracks: 12

The Body, The Blood, The Machine
Released in August 2006 by Sub Pop.
Produced by Brendan Canty.
No lineup changes.
Tracks: 10
This was a concept album of sorts. It is about a futuristic world where the United States is a Christian theocracy and about its corrupt regime.

Now We Can See
Released in April 2009 by Kill Rock Stars
Produced by John Congleton.
Lineup changes:
Jordan Hudson left the band and Kathy Foster recorded all of the drums on this album, as well as playing bass and providing background vocals.
Tracks: 13

And here are a few videos of theirs I found on YouTube:

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