Sunday, August 08, 2010

Top 3 Films: Dustin Hoffman

Happy 73rd Birthday Dustin!

Rain Man (1988)

In this multiple Oscar-winning movie directed by Berry Levinson (The Natural, Good Morning Vietnam, Sleepers..), Dustin stars as the previously unknown autistic brother of the character that Tom Cruise plays.

It won the Oscars for Best Picture, Best Screenplay, Best Director and Best Actor (Hoffman).

Hook (1991)

Hoffman plays Captain Hook in this Steven Spielberg directed "sequel" to the Peter Pan story.

Also starring in this movie were Robin Williams as Peter Pan, Julia Roberts as Tinkerbell, and Bob Hoskins as Smee.

Outbreak (1992)

This film, directed by Wolfgang Peterson (Das Boot, NeverEnding Story, Enemy Mine, In the Line of Fire, Air Force One), stars not only Dustin Hoffman as Colonel Sam Daniels, it also stars Rene Russo, Morgan Freeman, Kevin Spacey, Cuba Gooding Jr, Donald Sutherland, Patrick Dempsey and JT Walsh.

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