Monday, August 09, 2010

What is a Centrist...Moderate? (Part Two)

I found this article at the Third Party and Independent Daily, a blog that I frequent:

Modern Whigs Ask: What is a Moderate?

The article itself is actually a reference to an article posted at California Modern Whig Party's website.

The questions are asked. Do "moderates" lack convictions or mean that they don't care?

I did an article back in June titled What Is A Centrist? where I answered the question (in the negative): Is a Centrist a person that rides the fence, politically speaking?

J.D. Lewis, the author of the article states that being a moderate means
"..a moderate means seeking results as more important than the means.

A moderate knows what they want to see, but does not cling to one path to get there.

A moderate feels strongly about his goals, but is willing to work with anyone who can present a realistic idea of how to get there.

A moderate will make compromises on the methods, and will take small steps toward his goal if that is what it takes......

....It means that we can see both sides of an issue. It does not mean we agree on both sides, but we have enough sense to know its a difference of opinion, or sometimes a difference of perception...."

I agree completely.

I also would add to this list that I think a true 'centrist' or a true 'moderate' does not care about which political party is in power or cares about how to get more power for either party.

I think if we had more 'centrists' or 'moderates' in office, we might actually be able to get more done. Congress could spend less time arguing over who has the power and spend less time trying to make the other party look bad and spend more time actually doing their job.

It's a pipe dream I know but it's a dream nonetheless.

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  1. Agreed! It irks me to no end when I hear people trash moderates and centrists for not having any convictions. That is just plain ridiculous!