Friday, September 24, 2010

Friday Morning Shuffle (Sept 24)

  1. Don't Open Til Doomsday - The Misfits (from the album American Psycho)
  2. Bro Hymn - Pennywise (from the album Pennywise)
  3. The Science of Lies - Demon Hunter (from the album The Triptych)
  4. Bobby No Morals - Same Day Service (from the album Endless Adolescence)
  5. Revolution Calling - Queensryche (from the album Operation: Mindcrime)
  6. Get Out Of My Head - Miracle Max (from the 2009 Fall Sampler)
  7. Tribute - Tenacious D (from the album Tenacious D)
  8. Haunt You Every Day - Weezer (from the album Make Believe)
  9. Dreams - Descendents (from the album Cool To Be You)
  10. Returning the Smile You Have Had From the Start - Emery (from the album The Question)
  11. Shadow on the Sun - Audioslave (from the album Audioslave)
  12. Regular Guy - Dropkick Murphys (from the Singles Collection)

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