Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Misfits: DoTM

I can't believe I have never done a DoTM on these guys...or at least in my search here on Otter Limits I have not been able to find one. What a tragedy!


The Misfits are a horror punk band that formed in Lodi, New Jersey in 1977. Originally, they were only together for about 6 years but their impact on music is legendary. The band has spawned several other bands such as Samhain, Danzig (which I kind of think is Samhain with just a different name), Kryst the Conqueror, and Undead, perhaps others.

Quite a few people have been members of this band at one time or another. Here is a link to a list of everyone who has ever been in this band:

Misfits Band Members, Past and Present

You can read more about them at their official website:

Misfits Official Website

This discography will consist only of studio albums.


Static Age
Released in July 1997 by Caroline.
Recorded in early 1978.
Produced by Dave Achelis and Tom Bejgrowicz.
Band lineup:
Glenn Danzig - vocals; Frank Coma - guitar; Jerry Only - bass; Mr. Jim - drums.
Tracks: 19
"Some Kinda Hate" "Last Caress" "Hybrid Moments" "Teenagers from Mars" "Bullet" and "She"
If you notice the dates, this album was released many years after the albums that follow on this list but was the first full length that they recorded.

Walk Among Us
Released in March 1982 by Ruby Records.
Recorded from June 1981 to January 1982.
Produced by The Misfits.
Band lineup:
Glenn Danzig - vocals, guitar; Jerry Only - bass; Doyle - guitar; Arthur Googy - drums.
Tracks: 13
"I Turned into a Martian" "Night of the Living Dead" "Skulls" and "Astro Zombies"

Earth AD/Wolfs Blood
Released in December 1983 by Plan 9.
Recorded from October 1982 to July 1983.
Produced by The Misfits and Spot.
No lineup changes from the Walk Among Us lineup.
Tracks: 9

American Psycho
Released in May 1997 by Geffen Records.
Recorded in December 1996.
Produced by Daniel Rey and The Misfits.
Band lineup:
Michael Graves - vocals; Doyle - guitar; Jerry Only - bass; Dr Chud - drums.
Tracks: 17
"American Psycho" "Walk Among Us" "Dig Up Her Bones" "Mars Attacks" "Don't Open Til Doomsday/Hell Night"
Reached #117 on the Billboard 200.

Famous Monsters
Released in October 1999 by Roadrunner Records.
Recorded in 1999.
Produced by Daniel Rey.
No lineup changes from the American Psycho album.
Tracks: 18
"Lost in Space" "Scream" and "Saturday Night"
Reached #138 on the Billboard 200.

Project 1950
Released in July 2003 by Rykodisc.
Recorded in 2003.
Produced by The Misfits.
Band lineup:
Jerry Only - bass, vocals; Marky Ramone - drums; Dez Cadena - guitar;
Tracks: 10
Reached #133 on the Billboard 200.
This album contains covers songs of old 1950s-era rock songs.

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  1. It’s amazing that this band released so few records. I used to own a copy of Static Age but I couldn’t stand it (the songs were good but the production was terrible).

    Speaking of terrible, the Project 1950 album is honestly un-listenable. While the music is tight, Jerry Only’s vocals are so horrible that it ruins the entire thing.

    There’s a song on Famous Monster that I really liked but I can’t remember the name of it to save my life at the moment. I think it was called “The Forbidden Zone.” I was a song about The Planet of the Apes.