Wednesday, September 15, 2010

New Poll: U.S. Senate Contest in Oklahoma

So this one might not even be worth doing but I am interested in seeing the results anyway.

Who should be elected to the U.S. Senate for Oklahoma in 2010?

Should it be........

Tom Coburn, current U.S. Senator running as a Republican?

Jim Rogers, a retired school teacher running as a Democrat? (Strangely enough, I could not find a website for this candidate.)

Ronald Dwyer, who is an Independent? (Could not find a website for him either)


Stephen Wallace, a real estate developer who is a former Republican but running as an Independent in this election.

My own person opinion on this election is that anyone running against Coburn is wasting their time. Nobody stands a change in hell against Coburn.


  1. Jim Rogers is a perennial candidate who does nothing but wear the same red sweatshirt (with the latest date/office taped on) and wave a sign outside his house on election day. Hence the lack of website.

  2. So a guy that is wasting our time. Great!